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Ordinance update for the American River Parkway:

Camp Pollock is managed in accordance with the American River Parkway Plan. This ordinance update applies to all activities, events and reservations at Camp Pollock. 

NO Campfires - Campfires and any ground fires are strictly prohibited.

NO Smoking - Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the American River Parkway, except:

·     Designated Picnic Areas

·     Asphalt trails and surfaces

·     Levee and levee tops

·     Golf courses

Restrictions on BBQ’s

·     All Gas BBQ’s are permitted at designated picnic areas and designated beaches.

·     Charcoal and wood BBQ’s are permitted in designated picnic areas only.

·     ALL BBQ’s are prohibited in open space areas.

S.C.O. 936.058 (C,D)

Fire Permits are required for all campfires.  Campfires are ONLY permitted in certain areas of the Camp Pollock Property.  To have a fire at Camp Pollock you will need to acquire a fire permit from the Sacramento Fire Department. e-mail:


Frances Ford, Permits Supervisor, Sacramento Fire Department. 


Phone:  916-808-1624

Please send a copy to Sacramento Valley Conservancy at and

P.O. Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816